NCDEX Institute of Commodity Markets and Research
NCDEX Institute of Commodity Markets and Research

This is a self-study course that is based on Two Text Books published by NICR specially for this Certification course, covering two segments of Commodity Derivative Market viz.:
  • An introductory segment
  • An applied segment
The introductory segment will introduce the learner to commodity markets and commodity derivatives, besides key concepts that form the base of commodity trading. The applied segment will focus on commodity price analysis and trading strategies on the exchange.

The Chapters in the Introductory Segment
  1. Understanding Commodity Markets
  2. Understanding Derivatives
  3. Global Commodity Exchange
  4. Pricing of Futures
  5. Basic Principles of Hedging , Speculation and Arbitrage
The Chapters in the Applied segment
  1. Price Analysis of Commodities- Fundamental approach
  2. Price Analysis of Commodities-Technical approach
  3. Speculation & Arbitrage strategies
  4. Hedging Strategies
  5. Functioning and Regulation of Exchange
  6. Exchange transactions
  7. Settlement
  8. The underlying Market in Agricultural commodities
  9. The underlying Market in Non-Agricultural Commodities
Since the applicants are from different walks of life and of different age group and qualification, efforts have been made to confine the study materials to the Two comprehensive updated Text Books which can be easily read and understood . There are model questions at the end of every chapter to enable the reader to assess and proceed for the next chapter
NCDEX Institute of Commodity Markets and Research